Bellamy and Watson grew from about fifty employees the first year to over 200 staff members in 2018.


Two thirds of our staff is in our Nursing departments. The Administrators and HR Manager welcome nursing applications continuously. The Fields are sophisticated clinical settings where nursing staff engage residents with traditional hands-on care and are trained by their managers and Dr. Hopkins for advanced interpersonal and psychological skills around work with people who have dementia and end-of-life issues.


Dr. Hopkins conducts training workshops for all staff to understand Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We also bring in experts several times a year to focus on dementia topics and related skills.


     The other staff: Activities, Dietary, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Administrative support, all get training in Dr. Hopkins’ hospitality philosophy. The Fields' are health care hotels…the people who live here are not “patients”... they are our guests.


     If that notion appeals to you, come see us about job opportunities.


End-of-life care is an increasing specialization at the Fields. New staff don’t have to be deeply involved at the beginning but should understand that our expertise around Alzheimer’s care and now hospice (ask about “hospicitality” when you interview) separate us from traditional assisted living facilities.


     Geriatric work is the fastest growing segment of health care. If you come in with an understanding of and respect for old people, we can use your skills and help you develop new ones.


To inquire about employment at one of our facilities please contact  or stop by either facility and fill out an application.






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